For those who have no use for advanced multimedia functions, they will never do, but spend their time sending messages, SMS, email, MMS to their surroundings, the B3410 is perhaps the best deal .

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Fairly thick (over 1.5 cm) and finish after all common aesthetic mat Samsung B3410 does not clearly intended to make it a fashion accessory. With its well-rounded lines, the device remains Mignonnet, sober and unisex in its shiny black dress. His originality must be sought elsewhere, namely in the juxtaposition of a sliding keyboard and a touchscreen, which is more capacitive. Clearly, no need to use a stylus or other accessories, a simple touch of a finger is enough to drive the phone. On the side, there is also a button to trigger the camera and another to activate the voice recorder, sometimes a bit untimely for that matter!

The creed of the B3410 is simple text messages and even text messages! Whether in use Messenger or SMS, as well as Facebook, Flickr, Friendster, Picasa, Photobucket or MySpace, where he is comfortable with its full keyboard spread over four lines. Keys neither too much nor too little curved, wide space key and arrow keys on the lower right allow you to type words with a certain speed.