During Samsung's presentation the most of the time was spent on just one single phone Galaxy S II. I would like to note that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentation: for the first time in many years Samsung dropped simple facts enumeration and went for a real show with special effects, comprehensive explanation concerning the future of the phone and, most importantly, what is in this for regular users. Certain aspects were amusing and certain were just plain boring.

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But the general quality of the presentation was definitely high, no other manufacture, besides Apple, has shown anything quite like this in recent years. What was not common for a Samsung presentation is that there was only one Korean on the stage and only for a short time: the rest of the presentation was given by guest hosts or Europeans working for Samsung. This presentation was dynamic and different from other Samsung has given.

The level of the presentation stresses how important this phone is for Samsung. The company has actually raised the technological bar for all the gadgets to be released on the market. During the presentation I have had an opportunity to exchange a few words with the company's partners: European mobile carriers and retail representatives: all unanimously claimed that, in their opinion, this model is a bestseller and, despite the price, would be very popular.