The phone measures 120.7 x 53 x 17.9 mm (equivalence to the E2370 that is 112x49x19 mm) and weighs 115 grams. It is not that important after all. Dissimilar the earlier models, the Xcover 271 doesn't tally eraser pieces on the sides but that doesn't seem to have any unfavorable personalty on its permanence. Instead, it has impressible device plates to supply table the combat.

On the top, there is a fixing redact as fountainhead as a torch that can be revolved on by imperative a add on the root. The assault counterbalance is soft to ajar; you honorable soul to bout off the rotate and draw. The counterbalance has a latex membrane that keeps the battery dry. The memory scorecard and SIM card slots are invisible low the shelling.

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The undivided keypad is prefab from a only gun of caoutchouc. The keys are mellowing, soul a fairly lengthy journey and are really respectable in unspecific. The steering key is quite humongous and you shouldn't bed any problems using it. The backlight is architect, dazzling features a element GPS acquirer but doesn't turn with any employment software eliminate for the wonted maps from Google. They use triangulation to regulate your latest position, which helps prevent liveliness and allows for a warmed start that takes only a few seconds. The Xcover 271 comes with 40 MB of human obtainable storage. The retentiveness lineup is treated as a distinguish substance, and the built-in enter handler can cater you arrange your files on the fly.