(Rs 6,000 to Rs 11,999) Samsung Monte
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While 3G phones in entry level can still be discounted for giving an average 3G experience but those priced bet\veen Rs 6,000 to Rs 12,000 must offer a perfect 3G functionality to be rendered as a winner. All the phones that made it to the nominations were HSDPA compatible and came ,vith video calling capabilities. In fact Sony Ericsson Hazel
even had HSUPA support. But the phone that took the coveted title of the best 3G phone was the Samsung Monte. Unlike the _ others the Samsung Monte has
a 3.0-inch screen, which goes a long way in making video calling, streaming and Internet access a worthwhile experience. A close second in this race was the Sony Ericsson Hazel with a 2.6 inch screen, and this was followed by the Jokia 6700 Slide.