Writer known for its great potential for sending and receiving messages from various sources, the new Samsung B3310 reflects this in its nature, a very particular aesthetic. Commercially available in different colors, including blue one is certainly the most original and representative, the model has a slide-up design and smooth , but with one important particular.

The definition of a writer well suited to the integrated functions of the Samsung B3310. And 'in fact this is a mobile phone explicitly designed to provide you with the most advanced and comprehensive resources in terms of message management.*Not only, therefore, SMS, MMS and email are compatible with the technique of the device, sending and receiving, but is also easy and convenient access to social networks (Facebook in the lead) through the use of the Net typing is precisely with the Qwerty keyboard that allows you to use a support similar to that of PC or PDA.

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Another resource to consider when examining the potential of the Samsung B3310 Writer is without doubt the camera digital. This device digital camera does not claim to professionalism, is included for the sake of completeness in a model that is focusing on different resources. The possible use of the unit seems to use in the creation and acquisition of digital images of middle level and lower-middle, to be used as attachments to e-mail, social networks or multimedia in general.

Samsung B3310 mobile phone is a mid-range, not especially provided in terms of connectivity available, but rich in resources and text communication with a rather original design.