Hard to pick a winner in the war ofmobile touch that raged all last year and is expected to flare thisyear.Between Samsung and LG all who claim to be the leader in thissector and that Apple makes a box with a single model, it is notquite sure which way to turn touch. Still, it's the consumer whoemerged victorious from the battle as Korean, American and Finnishsoon innovate at all costs to stand out from the crowd. Almost.

The Samsung Pixon we are testing todaywould unleash the enthusiasm if a little animal named LG Renoir hadnot been there before him. The new Samsung touch this because of thecharacteristics almost identical to those of its competitor out a fewweeks before. Thus, it offers a photo sensor 8-megapixel autofocuswith a LED flash.

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The Samsung mobile sets itself apartfrom its competitor in the video because it offers superiorcapabilities with the ability to shoot video in D1 (720x480 pixels).Another little "more": the diagonal of the screen Pixon isslightly higher (3.2 inches against 3 inches), the number of colors(256,000) and resolution (240x400 pixels) are identical. Otherwise,the two phones display the same features with DivX Mobile and all theconnectors of the moment, namely Bluetooth 2.0, GPS (A-GPS) and wellHSDPA (3G +) to 7.2 Mbps. The Renoir stands out with its WiFiconnectivity and a Xenon flash.