The GLBenchmark 2.1 is intended for the use of the graphical capabilities of smartphones and tablet PCs to find out where the overall performance plays a role in the evaluation. Our website ""has chosen the Apple iPhone 4S for the benchmark with GLBenchmark 2.1 and put this in comparison to other smartphones.

With its 800 MHz fast dual core CPU (Apple A5) and the SGX-543MP2 graphics solution could reach the Apple iPhone in the 4S trial (with option "Santa") has a value of 73.1 fps (frames per second), which puts the new Apple smartphone beaten only by a single device in the test field was: the Apple iPad second And also just because it is equipped with a 1 GHz version of the Apple A5, which has provided for 85.7 fps.

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The Samsung S2 Galaxy, for example, but had no chance against the Apple iPhone 4S, only 42.5 fps speak for themselves. Even with the "Pro" was the Galaxy S2 (67.1 fps) (fps 122.7) is significantly behind the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad 4S 2 (148.2 fps) back, which under the Apple devices prove have asked how powerful they are.