As part of the meeting ARM Techcon, Samsung has announced the videoyou can see below (in English) that he would produce 2012 processorsbased on ARM technology big. Under this name hides the barbariclatest find of the company responsible for the overwhelming majorityof architectures chipsets in mobile devices.

It is thecombination of two new types of processors recently announced: CortexA15 MPCore and Cortex A7 MPCore. These two models are diametricallyopposed approaches to the extent that the former is a powerhouse,while the second is more energy efficient of its kind.
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Whereit gets interesting is that the technology combines these big. LITTLEARM processors (in pairs) to create a platform that knows both playthe muscle when necessary with the power of the A15, or preserve theautonomy in normal operation with the A7.

Samsung has already announced thatthere are few other Exynos chipset, the 4212. And dual-core 1.5 GHz,this model was approached to be embarking on the future Galaxy S3.Despite certain qualities on paper with 50% more graphics performancewith 30% less consumption, but this chipset seemed potentially riskyfor landing in what should be the flagship smartphone of Samsung in2012. On the one hand, it should be in production at the beginning ofthe second half of 2012. On the other hand, the first quad-coretablets (Tegra 3) should be announced within the next ten days.