The Galaxy Nexus , the third smartphonefrom Google, will be released on November 17 in Europe.
Itwas during his World Galaxy Note that Samsung has announced therelease date of its next mobile, the first Android 4.0. Its price wasalso unveiled. It will take about 600 euros, excluding operatorsubsidies to get it. Remember that Ice Cream Sandwich, his code name,is intended to unify the tablet and smartphone versions of Android.The homogeneity that will result will enable perfect interactionbetween Android devices.
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Direct competitor of the iPhone 4S,the Galaxy Nexus has a screen 4.7-inch AMOLED Superaccepting adefinition HD 1280 x 720 pixels. Its processor is a dual core clockedat 1.2 GHz. One gigabyte of RAM will accompany the CPU. Side storage,Galaxy Nexus will be available in two versions16 or 32 GB. We mustnow wait to see how high subsidizing operators.