In our Galaxy S test, we look at thetop model from Samsung, which sets new technical standards forAndroid smartphones. There is currently only one mobile phone that ispacked so thick with high-end technology, such as the Super Phonefrom Samsung: the iPhone 4. Apple's cult of the Korean mobile phonemanufacturer has adopted many ideas that have already shown our firstimpressions. Betrayed in the Galaxy S test, we now know why the phoneis an iPhone with Android.

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The Galaxy might at first sight for aniPhone 3G with. With his frame in metal finish and the smooth blackfront page of the Apple phone, it looks just like. However, it ismuch larger. It's no wonder, does the huge display much more space.There is huge 4 inches tall and has a sharp resolution of 800x480pixels. Samsung uses AMOLED with his super-advanced technology, whichprovides almost all other phones to shame.She is not prone toreflections, provides extremely high viewing angle and brilliantcolors. Again, there are only a phone that can keep up there: TheiPhone 4 In our Galaxy extensive testing we tell who has the edge.

The build quality of the Galaxy is notas successful as you would expect from Samsung is actually used.Between the glass surface of the display and the frame a gaping gapin which dirt accumulates quickly. Much worse are the materials thatmake up the housing. For its flagship Samsung uses not metal, butsimple plastic. Even the frame is coated with a metallic alloy andthe battery cover is made of a very thin and flexible plastic. Afterall, the Android-racer is extremely flat and very easy.