Samsung Galaxy Nexus provides the bestnavigation experience with the support HSPA +, which is the fastesttransmission protocol that can be found on the market today, and aCortex A9 dual-core 1.2-GHz phone also has the Wi-Fi b / g / n andBluetooth is version 3.0. Thanks tosatellite navigation built,operate all applications that require the location of the terminal,including maps. The device also supports the connection Wi-Fitethering for sharing and direct access to the Internet. Connectionoption is less common than the NFC, which allows you to sharecontacts, maps, and video applications between two Androidsmartphones compatible. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a full- touchscreenthat uses a Super AMOLED screen HD resolution of 1280 x 800points to receive commands from the user. The size of the display areremarkable: its 4.62-inch diagonal measurement. To feed this phone issupplied by a battery 1750 mAh.

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The materials that make up SamsungNexus Galaxy are of good quality. Not taken for granted is thedesign, with its distinctive curved profile.It has a thickness ofonly 8.84 mm and a frame that measures 4.3 mm. On the side is thevolume rocker. They are not, however, present the keys that areusually found in the Android device, because now appear directly inthe shielding of the operating system. As is the case, moreover, thatintegrate with the tablet Honeycomb. In their place appears a LEDthat lights up for notifications. The frame is black.

Among the new features that Android IceCream carries with it, there is also unlocking the phone with facerecognition, sharing with Android Beam, the ability to composemessages by saying the lyrics into the microphone of Samsung NexusGalaxy. Immediate is the use of Google +, anti-facebook, and itsfunctions, the videoritrovi, for example.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus has a Front camerafor videconversazione, as well as facial recognition first mentioned,the resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The rear main and has a resolutionof no more, when compared to the price range of this phone. Itsresolution is 5 megapixels and runs high-definition video. Thisshooting without delay, has autofocus and panorama mode to beactivated if necessary.