The Galaxy S II has been one of those handsets that the mobile community has been starving for. Certainly we have the iPhone 4, just S II was, as far as I was pertained, to be the next best thing or the alternative for those on lower budgets. Some weeks ago we did handle to acquire our hands on preview, but here’s a more in depth feel at what the Galaxy S II has to offer.

Let us dis-remember about it’s predecessor. It’s, to keep it mildly, like good a phone as it is, but it’s a bit outdated as the world of Dual Core devices is here. The Galaxy S II is factually, the leanest Android mobile phone in the market. It’s unusually only 8.5mm in deepness, which is only about a shade slimmer as compared to Apple’s iPhone.
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The 4.3-inch Gorilla Glass screen handles to hold even smudges away, which creates considering a real treat. If the colors are little also ‘in-your-face’, for lack of a better term, you can tone them down through the screen settings for Background Effects. There’s also an option to activate an Outdoor way that boosts both brightness and contrast to a seriously high level that creates it simpler to consider in bright sunlit situations.

Still, also with default settings, you will have no actual trouble with considering angles. The result on this, the first ever Super AMOLED Plus screen is 480 x 800 pixels which is, of course not almost as processed as the Retina screen on the iPhone 4 that has it beat hands down, also if the colors are brighter on the Galaxy S II.

A couple of touch sensitive keys (return and menu) are laid on either slope of the rectangular ‘Home’ button. The micro USB connector for charging, USB 2.0 for PC supported connectivity, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) support and USB – with – the - go (no adapter cables supported) is located at the underneath when a 3.5mm hands free socket is laid on top. Volume or zoom keys are placed on the right slope when a screen lock or Power button is with the left. Shame Samsung didn’t integrate a little shutter free for the camera but it’s not actually missed. What is a bit of a letdown is the lack of a hot swap memory card slot. Still with 16GB of internal storage it’s not actually something I was also concerned about.