When you purchase a mobile phone with aconsideration to applying its camera quite rather including adedicated digital camera for your snaps, you inevitably produce fewcompromises. Also the best mobile phone camera can not match agreatly particular pocket digital camera for characteristics andcapabilities.

How much longer that will hold true isquestionable, while. Phones with below par 2-megapixel sensors willlikely proceed to be about for a long while, but at the higher end ofthe market things are acquiring better and better with 5-megapixelsensors and bettered optics today seeming in handsets.

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Samsung'snovel G800 takes 3x optical zoom beside 5-megapixel images to themobile phone - a pairing that was fairly desirable in a dedicateddigital camera not that long ago. I will acquire to the camera - thedistinct selling point for this mobile - in more detail after. Butalso earlier seeming at any of the characteristics I require to pointout that if you have small pockets or expect a tidy and neat mobile,then perhaps the G800 is not for you.

Titled in silver andblack the G800 is a reasonably good appearing phone. It is a slider,and an particularly large navigation button sits below the display,flanked by two tall, thin soft menu buttons. Underneath these andextremely close to the bottom edge of the phone, are the Call and Endkeys and a Cancel key.

Slope the lid segment upwards and theflat number pad is revealed. This is large, and simple plenty toapply. Opened, the phone is a generous 135 mm tall. Closed, it is101.5 mm tall and either way it's 52 mm broad. Like for thickness,Samsung lists that at 18.8mm, but that does not have the rear-mountedcamera lens cover which protrudes from the main body of the phone.Have the cover and by my supposing the G800 measures in at asubstantial 22mm thick. Weight-wise you are appearing at 129g.

Thedisplay is a 2.4 inch, 262 thousand color, 320 x 240 pixel affair andlike we have arrive to want from Samsung it is clear, sharp andbright. No troubles there.