This may sound apparent, but textingteens enjoy QWERTY keyboards as much as business clients on BlackBerrys. The Hiptop Slide was a huge hit for Telstra, the LG WebSlider was big at Boost Mobile, and the Samsung B3410 should detect aniche for these tiny-thumbed texting machines.

From front-on the B3410 contributes thefew staple plan like most Samsung phones in the previously 18 monthsor too. The exposed earpiece speaker over the display and the 3mechanical keys under the display appear similar to those with theSamsung Galaxy Icon amongst many others. The B3410, still, is muchthicker as compare to most Samsung touchscreens, owing to the factthat the display slips vertically to bring out the Piece DEResistance, the complete QWERTY keyboard.

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To determine a nice keyboard is toidentify some key components. First of all, you expect decent spacingand definition among the keys, and the B3410 has this. The keys areevery quite wide and raised to a gentle hump, assisting you to detectone key next to another. You even appear for a keyboard with a goodphysical response, we frequent call this "clickiness"because you expect the keys to click when pushed and spring rear. Itis subtle, but the effect is to have the key push your fingers withto the next key, assisting you to type quicker. Again, the B3410passes this simple test, and overall we detected the typingexperience to be rather nice.

The phone even characterizestouchscreen input, while this is not rather too nice. Whether it is amatter with the display or with the software, we detected itdifficult to accurately press buttons with-display without slowingour movements right down. Luckily, Samsung has consisted a four-waydirection pad with the keyboard which we deferred to for most menuand website navigation.

About the edge of the phone you willdetect the standard volume keys, camera key and a lock-display keyfor deactivating the touchscreen. Two ports we detected the B3410missed while were a 3.5mm headphone socket for our favoriteheadphones and a micro- USB port for charging and/or connecting thephone to a PC. Rather, these tasks are functioned via a proprietaryport, which means you would not be capable to apply superiorthird-party headphones, and you would not be capable to contributeyour charger with friends who do not apply a Samsung.