We have so soon watched Samsung CorbySpeed CDMA that can browse the web quicker as compared to thetraditional CDMA phones and today Samsung has gone a step ahead andintroduces, Samsung Corby TV, a n instrument that can stream live TV.

Seeing live TV on mobile is notsomething that is novel. We have watched that in the case of AirtelMobile TV and even some technologies such like Mundu mobile thatattempt to stream live TV on GPRS network by compressing the videowithout compromising with the quality.

Corby TV works in the EVDO environmentthat can virtually afford you a buffer less live TV experience. Inplaces where EVDO does not exist, you will shift to 1x CDMA networkwhere you have to obviously watch more buffering as compared to thereal video. Both Tata Photon and Reliance CDMA so soon have an wideEVDO network in India and those are the 2 operators that take you thelive TV known to Corby TV.

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If you are a Tata Indicom customer, youacquire 3 months of free TV subscription and 15GB of free data eachmonth for 2 months for Post paid customers. Which affords you 150hours of live TV each month for 2 months for post paid customers and100 hours of live TV for 2 months in case of Prepaid users.

If you are a Reliance CDMA customer,you assume two months of costless TV subscription and 15GB of freedata for two months for post paid users. This affords you 15 hours oflive TV every month for two months for post paid users and 100 hoursof Live TV for 1 month on the off chance of prepaid users.

Remark that TV Subscription isdifferent from Data rates. That is, later the free period ends, youwill have to subscribe to acquire TV access and even buy a data planto be able to access the TV content.
The TV subscription rates are notavailable till. There are almost 50 channels with proffer on famouschannels such like CNBC TV18, ESPN, NDTV, Aaj Tak, Times Now, CN,CNN, Pogo, Star News, Zoom etc.