Samsung are evidently not of two mindsabout two-in-one phones. A novel dual SIM handset - the Samsung D780- is underway and it is meant as a more low-priced dual SIM solutionas compared to the D880 Duos. With the outside, there is nothing coolabout Samsung D780 and that is alright by us. The novel dual SIM barmeans business and its top attainment is considerable tucked belowthe battery. What you acquire is quality of build, comfortably largekeyboard and friendly managing. A big fella by everything intends,the D780 is a sensible piece of dual SIM action.

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Applying two SIM cards in one phone ismore and more an alternative many are willing to view. No curiositythen, one of the top cell phone producers are rechecking theircommitment to address this form of demand. Samsung were first betweenthe majors to declare a dual SIM handset in October 2007 - theSamsung D880 Duos, which we reconsidered lately.

Considerable earlier the D780 and D880Duos, several Chinese manufacturers have been busy exploring theuncharted territory of dual SIM. We also did an overview of dual SIMsolutions rear in August previous year to assist you remain with topof the several alternatives. Philips and WND are between the morefamous companies attempting to acquire a piece of the action, thoughmost of the top dogs look disinterested or are easily attempting toignore potential pressure from the telecoms.
Samsung D780 should acquire a moresensible price tag as compared to the D880 Duos, which has a insteadunjustified initial asking price. Later including all, the D780 isflipped like a more affordable alternative to D880 Duos. Acompetitive price tag on D780 will assist Samsung set a firm foot inthe dual SIM niche.