It was not that long ago that Samsungdolled up one of its Galaxy S IIs in pink for the ladies. Obviously it must have been a hit, because Samsung is till againgoing pink, on few extra goodies for the girls.

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Sammy has formed ateam on Bobbi Brown cosmetics to proffer the Galaxy S II Bobbi BrownEdition is restrained in South Korea. The device will get orderlyboxed in a “peculiar beauty box” and consist an original BobbiBrown constitute pallet along with few constitute servicecoupons.

The Galaxy S II will be the same Android-powered,1200 MHz dual core, 4.27-in Super AMOLED Plus screen, we have come toexperience and love, but will, once again, be in a pink casing likeopposed to black. This limited edition run will just watch 2,012units available. Interested parties will be able to get this packagefrom February 24 through March 9, though supplies last.