If you are outside in every kinds ofweather, the Samsung Rugby Smart is constructed for you. Rubber sealsassist keep out dirt and moisture, and a screw lock on the batterycover supplies added protection of the battery, SIM card and otherinternal components. The Rugby Smart is also sturdy sufficient tomeet demanding military specifications and is rated IP67 forresistance to dust and water, and holds working as well later beingdropped from 6.6 feet.

You would not have to worry like muchabout extreme temperatures from weather or leaving it in a much morecar; your Rugby Smart can withstand temperatures from -60F to+160F. To pass the rigorous MIL-STD 810F military standardspecifications, the Rugby Smart successfully survived blowing rain,dust, sand, high humidity, solar radiation, salt, fog and thermalshock.

Users acquire the ultimate versatility,on a touch screen for simple interaction and sealed physical keys forfrustration-free navigation also although wearing gloves. Theadvanced earSmart by Audience voice processor enhances sound qualityand suppresses background noise for clear audio as well in less ascompare to optimal situations.

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The Samsung Rugby Smart proffersbrilliant, vibrant color and clarity that create it simple to readindoors and outdoors. The screen is protected by a strengthened glassthat resists damage from bumps, drops and scratches.

AT&Ts 4G HSPA+ network offerssuper-fast web browsing, thus you can load web pages, online videosand images in a fraction of the time it brings with older networks.You can as well download an entire song or upload a photo in justseconds. For multi-tasking, you can download and upload files andphotos although taking a call.

This famous operating system offers astreamlined interface, simple navigation and simple-to-applycharacteristics such as copy-and-paste support, battery lifemonitoring, built-in task manager and much more. Gingerbreadincorporates exactly on a full range of Google Mobile services,affording you the tools to communicate immediately on friends andenjoy entertainment on-the-go.

Google Maps affords you turn-by-turnGPS navigation, although Google Latitude and Google Places link youon friends and local businesses. Gmail takes you the latest emailsand the YouTube application takes you the hottest viral videosanytime. When you are driving, you can apply spoken commands tosearch the internet, send a message or detect an address.

Android 2.3, Gingerbread is made aswell better by TouchWiz, the simple-to-apply interface just fromSamsung that affords you a draggable lock display, seven customizablehome displays and live wallpapers. To assist plan your day and handleeverything your applications, you will have exclusive Samsung homescreen widgets to examine everything your most important prioritieson a glance for real-time updates on Email, News and Weather, ProgramMonitor and Agenda.