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Thread: New Samsung i780 Mobile Phone

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    The Samsung i780 is aimed straight at business users. This is apparent with features such as a QWERTY keypad, the build quality, and the Windows OS. One cannot ignore the fact that it looks classy and feels great to use. It has most of the necessary communication and multimedia features, along with GPS.

    The 2.5-inch touch screen is delightful to use and has an average 65K color display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Playing Solitaire on the phone was a rather addictive experience. The QWERTY keypad helps you type faster and you can always conjure up an onscreen keyboard if the tiny buttons on the keypad are too small for your fingers. It has 256MB ROM and a microSD slot for memory expansion. The Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS does take some time to start up but once that's done the phone works smoothly, thanks to the 128 MB of RAM.

    Being a business phone, the i780 supports many communication standards including GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth 2.0 and USB connections but doesn't have an Infrared port. The Opera 8.65 browser makes browsing delightful. Other basic features are SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging. You can also enjoy some great navigation with the in-built navigation system and A-GPS support.

    The Samsung i780 includes a 2-megapixel camera on the back and a secondary camera for video calls on the front. Capturing images is a bit of a problem with the i780 since it requires you to press an on-screen capture button. But once captured, the images are pretty good. The camera is not recommended for motion shots, though, as the image stabilization is only average.

    Other features included are finger mouse technology, a side bar for speeding up execution of your tasks, a slide show maker for images, an office suite, and Windows Media Player. As mentioned before, the phone simply feels great to use. QWERTY keypads are known for small keys so this one isn't any different. The screen is very convenient as well. The speakers of the phone make even low volume media files audible with good amplification and clarity. The same cannot be said about the headset volume. Also, the camera is perpetually exposed since there is no protection flap or sheath over it. Using a stylus is recommended with most touch displays but the screen in the case of the i780 looks tough enough to endure even the roughest of hands.

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    You have idea which is the latest mobile phone

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