The Samsung Galaxy S is also consulted as the i9000. This informs us that Samsung has done gone with their "Omnia" moniker for best division designs and have in its place gone for numbers. If you seem at the last 3 generations of Samsung touchphones, there have been some milestone changes. similar to the transition from LCD to AMOLED to Super AMOLED screens and from Windows Mobile to Symbian to Android OS.

Initially I pulled the Galaxy S beyond my pocket in public; lots of people by mistake recognized it as an iPhone. I can't guilt them, the finish and metallic edge on top certainly looks "inspired". But the Galaxy S is prettiness in its own exclusive way. The smooth surface design and rounded corners are aesthetically satisfying. And damn, this thing is thin! Despite bearing a large screen, the phone's 9.9 mm width creates certain that the phone doesn't feel large at any point of time. It fell into my jeans pocket quite simply. Finally, this mobile is a head turner in terms of seems, while not cooperation on ergonomics. The body feels quite strong. The textured back cover repeated me of the one on the Samsung Jet.

It's obtained this faintly projecting chin at the back of the device. The phone is minimalistic in terms of buttons there's a power/lock to the right, volume controls to the left and the menu/home/back keys on the face. The less utilized Search button seen on other Android phones is not present here but you can click and hold the menu key to bring the same effect.

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