NEVER MIND WHAT THE old cronies at Apple say about this notebook. This is the sort of stuff you'd see in the hands of black suits as they step out of their Maybach limousines. It's sheer elitist! It sports an ll.linch LED-backlit screen that's only a few millimetres thick. Though rather buggingly glossy, the display is clear and bright. It's not Excalibur in the anvil though. If you're sitting in a moving vehicle on a bumpy road, the screen will stagger back and forth like a drunken knight on a lame steed. Fortunately, it isn't too acute so you won't be bothered much.

Just tipping the scales over 1.1kg, this ultra portable would easily be clubbed 'Barely Legal' if it starred in a Vivid Entertainment movie. It's sexy no doubt; in a matte dark grey carbon fibre chassis, there's a faint sparkle visible too. Using the notebook is a complete treat though. Sony has stuffed in a top-class keyboard whose tiny size has no bearing on its comfort or ease of use. As far as features go, you'd have to be crazy to ask for more.

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There's an Intel U7700 1.33GHz processor, 2GB of memory and a 48GB flash drive. Yup, no hard drive in there, so expect minimal chances of data loss or failure. No hard drive also translates into better battery stamina, try 12-hour! And now, here's the best bit: it includes a built-in optical drive! Take that Apple! To cut it short, what lies before you is the truest ultra portable around. It's a joy to carry about and use. If only it was as much of a joy to pay for.