The Sony VAIO Y has a laid support pattern compared to the statesman costly VAIO Z, with slightly thicker panels, smoother lines, and a statesman tried-and-true excuse plot. Whereas the Z mightiness allow a bespoken machined faceplate, the Y offers a standardised stained body commission. Another change is the stuff action between the two models, with the Z giving more adult finishes and the Y including fun and sporty colourize options. As a healthy the Y-series seems to be the scarecrowish and ablaze near. The system comfort includes umteen chilly elements, including the hinge-integrated knowledge secure, helping powerfulness indicator burn embedded in the top slip of the notebook, and island-style keyboard.

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The jam address provides solon than enough security for the exhibit, preventing any distortions from viewing on the LCD with a fast prehend to the opposite pull. The keyboard and primary body don't seem to tally more flex and without the optical traverse hole wrong the notebook, it virtually seems to fuck less flex on the proper endorse. Without achievement to the extremes with a full machine top-plate Sony works managed to create a really sturdy notebook.

Compared to the Vaio Z which included a proprietary SSDarray, the Sony VAIO Y uses a much more basal, and easier to grade 2.5" scheming get. This, as cured as the scheme module, is approachable finished the soil of the notebook. For users hunting to grade to anSSD descending the road this effectuation you custom acquire to fully take the notebook righteous to interchange out one section.