Sony updates its series ofultraportable 13.3-inch Vaio S with a new model in the Intel platformHuron River Dötra Sandy Bridge processor Core i3, USB 3.0, goodstorage space and double the graphics card with dedicated AMD DirectX11, the Sony Vaio SB2L1E / W.

Located above the keyboard, the WEBbutton provides quick access to the Internet without having to waitthe time of the full load of Windows 7.In addition, the screenbrightness is adjusted automatically according to ambient light tosave energy and provide the best possible independence.

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Its Core i3-2310M Sandy Bridge coupledwith 4 GB of RAM ensures proper performance in impact everydaymultitasking while the Radeon HD6470M can play HD videos withoutworry but also playing games resource-efficient 3D. With the Staminamode, an automatic switching is performed between the DirectX 11 GPUand the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated processor and based onwork done by the user.The use of the Radeon HD6470M means betterperformance, whereas if the Intel GMA 3000 HD is requested, autonomyis enhanced.

The hard drive provides good storagespace of 500 GB and connectivity should appeal to many potentialusers with HDMI, VGA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, three USB ports and audiowith a USB 3.0.If a USB 3.0 device is connected to it, file transfersturn out up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.