The Sony Vaio F22S1E / B is a versatile laptop to 16.4 inchmultimedia-oriented platform that runs on Intel Huron River with aFull HD Premium mate, a Core i7 Sandy Bridge, a large amount of RAM,hard disk Swift a Blu-Ray or 2 USB 3.0.

To do so, he has such an optical drivecapable of reading but also to burn Blu-Ray in order to maintainseveral GB on a single wafer but also take advantage of Blu-ray mediain high definition and this directly on the PC screen.

The slab benefits indeed a Full HD anda 16:9 format that lends itself particularly well to playing videos.And that's not all as it is a Vaio Premium model that offers bettercolor reproduction than most screens on the market while being dull,so it is visible in low light environment as subject to reflections,and the mat is less tiring than the gloss over time, significant forthose who spend hours in front of their screen.
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The orientation of this multimedianotebook goes on in his heart with the presence of a great amount ofRAM, 8 GB and a Core i7-2630QM couple that delivers superiorperformance that users need and is effective in the areas ofresource-intensive and CPU RAM as video editing, 3D rendering andphoto editing to speed up treatment from a pair of Dual Coreprocessor and 4 GB DDR3. Responsiveness is more present than the harddrive of 640 GB on-board is a model at 7200 rev / min against 5400 r/ min usually.

For its part, the dedicated graphicscard Geforce GT 540M can play tracks not too resource intensive 3D.The Full HD slab has an impact in this area because the higher theresolution, the higher the GPU to perform calculations. As a result,adjustments in both the screen resolution and detail are necessary ifone wishes to engage in a lot of games.