It is now possible to order in France the new laptop Sony Vaio SE of15.5 inches which was announced at IFA 2011. It appears from 1099euros in Intel platform Huron River with a Full HD panel and variousoptions such as SSD, a Core i7 processor Sandy Bridge, a Blu-Ray, aRadeon or a battery HD6630M long.

The Sony Vaio SE1C5E comes in black orsilver, the choice of colors is free. It sports an elegant andsimple, with matt black surfaces that are not too out fingerprints.The backlight of the screen is adjusted automatically according toambient brightness.

It is also possible to enjoy a morepowerful graphics card, the Radeon 1 GB HD6630M always associatedwith the Intel GMA 3000 HD technology Hybrid Graphics via but forthis it is necessary to choose a more powerful processor than theCore i3.

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Also if you want to take advantage of asolution of 256 GB SSD (2 x 128 GB) or 512 GB (2 x 256 GB), Sonyforced to opt for the Radeon HD6630M. For storage, unconditionally,there are also a 128GB SSD (1 x 128 GB) hard drives 500/640/750 GB5400 rpm / hard drive 500 GB 7200 rpm / min .

The connection it is correct withBluetooth 3.0 + HS, Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA, 3 USB but with a USB 3.0 toallow for fast transfers with USB 3.0. However, some may regret thathe has no more USB ports including USB combo port / e-SATA. If youwant to connect to the Internet via mobile networks, we opt for a 3Gmodule (100 euros) and a subscription to a dedicated package (orpurchase a prepaid card) with an operator . We appreciate in any casethat the keyboard is backlit which is convenient to distinguish thekeys in the dark.