Sony comes out in the hexagon another 13.3-inch ultraportable weightcontent below 2.0 kg with a self-announced 7 hours, the Sony VaioSB3V9E / B. Huron River in Intel platform, it appears with a 3Gmodule, hard disk swift good capacity, a dedicated graphics card withAMD Stamina mode, a Core i5 Sandy Bridge, USB 3.0 and a backlitkeyboard.

It is distinguished by its heartconsists of a Sandy Bridge CPU Core i5-2430M, a good amount of RAMand 6 GB hard drive with good storage capacity of 500GB shows thatswift operating at 7200 r / min against 5400 r / min usually toincrease system responsiveness. Together, this trio delivers overallperformance can satisfy a majority of potential users, includingmultitasking.

The graphics side, there is both adedicated card and HD6470M Radeon integrated graphics Intel GMA 3000HD. When the laptop runs on the last Stamina mode, it offers abeautiful self-announced 7 hours against 5 hours with the dedicatedGPU. Switching between the two can be done using the Switch button.Preference will be given the Intel GMA 3000 HD for greater autonomyand Radeon HD6470M for better graphics performance.

Both let you play HD video smoothly butthe dedicated card is more efficient, especially in games. However,this is an entry-level GPU and must therefore settlesecurities-efficient 3D resources in this area.
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The screen takes on the other hand a16:9 format that lends itself well to video playback and a definitionof 1366 768, which is classic. His treatment is bright, however,less prone to glare than most glossy panels and that's good becauseit should be readable and bright environment but they are not ascomfortable as a slab mate.

Modules with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS+ and 3G, the wireless connectivity of this model should appeal tomost users. To take advantage of 3G in order to connect to theInternet via mobile phone networks, it should, however, subscribe toa package prior to purchase dedicated or a prepaid card from atelecom operator. Are also present in HDMI and VGA video outputs andtwo USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0: If a USB 3.0 device is plugged in,then the flows are up to 10 times greater than USB 2.0.