Sony released its Vaio in the hexagon SA3N9E / B, a high-endultraportable 13.3-inch display. Huron River in Intel platform, itbeneficial a slab with a resolution higher than average, a 128 GBSSD, a good amount of RAM, a Blu-Ray, a Core i5, a graphics card AMDDirectX 11 as well as 3G and USB 3.0, all in a frame of 1.7 Kg.

This is the Radeon HD6630M that canplay tracks not too resource intensive 3D by making adjustments(level of detail, resolution) and of course to play HD videosmoothly. So is also part of the Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated intoSandy Bridge processor. Less efficient but also less energy, thelatter provides greater autonomy. It is just possible to run the PCon one or the other as needed, depending on whether you want agraphics power increased (Radeon HD6630M) or greater autonomy (HDIntel GMA 3000) and by this simple Pressing the switch this over thekeyboard.

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This ultraportable can provide abattery life of 7 hours on the Intel GMA 3000 HD and 5 hours on theRadeon HD6630M, enough to work several hours away from a wall outlet.In addition, its compact dimensions and weight are well content tobelow 2.0 kg which makes it a good companion on the go.

And especially since it incorporates agood wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 + HS as well asa 3G module to connect to the Internet via mobile phone networksthrough the purchase of a package dedicated or purchase a prepaidcard with an appropriate telephone company. The rest of the connectoris correct since found video outputs including HDMI and VGA, Ethernetand 3 USB ports and 1 USB 3.0 for transfers up to 10 times fasterthan USB 2.0 USB 3.0 devices.

It also features a chiclet keyboardwhose keys can be backlit when the ambient light is low to betterdistinguish and a fingerprint reader for easy access and securesystem. A good while this model specifically targets professionalsand operates under the Windows 7 Professional edition that bringsmore features built into the Home Premium version XP mode to installand use applications / drivers only compatible with Windows XP and astools more advanced security and network management.