Sony released its Vaio in the hexagonCB3M1E, a versatile notebook of 15.5 inches below platform IntelHuron River. Multimedia-oriented, it has a Blu-Ray but also a doublegraphics, Sandy Bridge processor Core i3, a good swift hard drivecapacity, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 and as a backlit keyboard.

The optical drive is in fact embedded support Blu-Ray but to takefull advantage of this type of media in high definition, it isnecessary to use an external display Full HD via HDMI. The screen ofthis laptop displays because of standard features: if the 16:9 formatis well suited to playing videos, the definition of 1366 768 isless than Full HD.

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The resolution of the screen in somegrieve but then a screen size of greater than 15 inches can betterappreciate the content in High Definition. In addition, a definitionof 1366 768 requires fewer concessions in the games as more ofFull HD resolution is high, and the GPU to perform calculations whichleads to a significant drop in fps.

Here with the dedicated graphics cardRadeon HD6630M you can indulge in a lot of games as long as they arenot resource intensive 3D. Of course, HD video playback poses noproblems, same with the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD. It is possible toswitch from one to another by simply pressing the switch, dependingon whether one wishes to benefit from increased graphics performance(Radeon HD6630M) or greater autonomy (Intel GMA 3000 HD).

Autonomy announced seven hours inStamina mode (Intel GMA 3000 HD) of this model is also interesting.However, the weight of nearly 3 kg with battery and its dimensions donot make it more portable. But at least if they are traveling, theuser is guaranteed to work several hours on battery.