The Vaio S series from Sony has been standing for a while for a solid season and mobile business features that are packed into housing also like consumers of. Now Sony has updated its consumer business to Windows 8 which for us is reason enough to take a look at the current 13 inch model SVS13A2Z9Es.

In the business environment can be spoken by a current Consumerism: More and more users from the business environment access for visual reasons to prefer a model that was originally intended for use in the private sector. The best example is surely the MacBooks, but also offers its Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook example of a full company integration. But it can go in reverse. Users who may be inspired to features like a fingerprint reader a docking station or a UMTS module must look around mostly in the business segment and accordingly live with conservative designs. Between a good thing is because the S-Class in Sony's Vaio portfolio. It is the classic business features are offered, without too boring to look condition that pleases prosumers while certainly important in the business environment.

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Moreover the performance of Sony's 13-inch model to be proud of. Therefore, the Japanese company donated his Nobel-13-inch model features a rich. It is an Intel Core i7-3520m, Intel's current fastest mobile GPU with 2cores are used. Be made of the lush 12 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD RAID comprehensive aside. The 13.3 inch display puts it in 1600x900 pixels. All this suggests, of course, reflected in the price everything else goes down as low.

Windows 8 mixes currently the notebook segment belonging to what is primarily at the new operating concept that Microsoft is trying to establish and the lives of touchscreens. Particularly well in our opinion this was so far the Dell XPS 12, and the Sony Vaio Duo 11 implemented. When Sony Vaio S, in contrast shows conservative and not even installed a touch screen, but is limited to the conservative input devices.

When top case Sony also relies on a very low profile design and is a discreet black-blue hue faithful. The material touches his very pleasant and is only moderately susceptible to fingerprints. Thus, the sub notebook can be used easily without a cleaning cloth must always be near. The beauty of the design of the Vaio S. It is timeless and will also look good in a few years.

A side view of the Vaio S shows that Sony has designed the basic bare bones before the great Ultrabook hype and, moreover, a number of interfaces, such as a docking port were used with a height of 24 mm, the Vaio S SVS13A2Z9Es proves surprisingly high. By comparison, the Acer Aspire S7 measures just 12 mm, which is only about half as high, but it also significantly fewer connections. It weighs 1.65 kg with still fairly moderate so that our test proves pleasant daily companion.

The quality of workmanship and material quality are at an extremely high level. Not only is the use of carbon shows the high standards, the Sony is to be business subnotebook but also the rest of the material choice. In this discipline Sony makes everything right a slip would be at a price but also not be tolerated.