The Sanyo Xacti is very compact, lightweight waterproof camcorder can be used in all weather conditions as well. The camera has a beautiful, 6-megapixel still images and five times optical zoom capability is excellent photographs, almost all the equipment to capture the event. And to use the camera to take pictures of swimming and snorkeling. This new gadget can be used to take still photos and videos of the great family photos and other events as easy. To save the video, camera, it still standard images and SDHC and South Dakota. Capacity of up to 5 feet underwater, the great underwater video photography. 30 frames - 1 - the second, up to 30 minutes.

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The camera has a watertight design allows the camera to take pictures of the dramatic underwater kingdom can easily be shared with friends and family online. Highly advanced compression technology used in the Sanyo Xacti results in a maximum of 10 hours of high-quality video recording. e1 the Xacti is five hours of video recording to 4 gigabytes SDHC memory cards, and up to 2-1/2 hours of video, the standard 2 GB of memory cards. 2-1/2, the camera also has a large LCD up to 285 degrees makes it an ideal camera can shoot them from a difficult angle is a big position . As a result, high-quality water to a small room or take photos.