Here's another 15.4" large screen laptop for working professionals looking fop' a desktop replacement. This laptop gives a similar performance score as Fujitsu's S6510. However, its performance in grahics and regular productivity benchmarks is far ahead of Fujitsu. The only place where it looses out is battery backup. It managed to give a battery backup of just 1 hour 38 min, which is far below Fujitsu's 3 hrs 12 min. Interestingly, the notebook's power consumption is the e highest in its category. Even in idle mode, it consumed 40W, whereas at peak performance, it consumed 67W.

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One missing feature in the laptop is a fingerprint scanner, while the ones it does have are a SD card slot and webcam. It can even be an entertainment notebook, having buttons detected for multimedia. So if you are looking for a good performing notebook at a reasonable price, then consider this. But you have to compromise on battery life and power consumption.