Vaio AW125 shares in the whole Sony laptop aesthetic design, with dark-gray shell, uncluttered keyboard tray, flat, wide of the keys (similar to those found on MacBooks), as well as oversized round loops with the power button on one end and jack adapter variable Current, on the other side. This minimalist, understated look, unlike the overly glossy Qosmio G55 or metal-accented HP HDX18. Above the keyboard is a standard number of touch-sensitive media control buttons, but the actual volume controls were reasonably be moved to a separate row of keys just above the number pad. This is a smart move, as the sensory volume keys are not always enough to respond quickly (or are fairly sensitive) to our taste, and with a volume control as a function of a key deputy to hassle.The 18,4-inch wide screen LCD display provides 1920x1, 080 native resolution, which, as well as 1080p HDTV display, which makes Vaio AW125 is ideal for Blu-ray or HD content. We got used to the outside edge to edge of glass covering the entire display, as in HDX18 or the new MacBooks, so we were disappointed not to find it in the Vaio.

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