In advanced content creation, Blu - ray disc drive, introduced in AR18GP to be attractive, since the ability to store and share home movies in the HD camcorder that records are available. The current DVD standard low capacity of 4.7 gigabytes (8.5 gigabyte double-layer discs later) is not adequate.Blu - ray disc is close to capacity now, the only way to share content, , Portable storage solutions through each layer is a 25-gigabyte save for a two-layer 50 gigabyte of space to play if the media would give the meaning of BD. In comparison, the HD - DVD disc single / dual capacity of 30 gigabytes, and each is 15 Gigabyte. Sony Corp., an empty promise to buy Blu-ray, the only single-layer despite the 25-gigabyte version is available.

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In terms of features, very disappointed, you turn on your notebook has given multimedia discovered that the lack of TV tuner. However, a spokesman for Sony, BD content in full force in this country by the end of 2006.A to the fact that even if the decision to purchase the current lack of commercial content in the Blu-ray factor The entertainment will want to buy a notebook PC and have to live with some concentrated time and battery life is still low is a huge dimension. 416 mm from 33.5 to 299.5 mm in AR18GP measures 41.5 Millimeters, weighing 3.8 kilograms, so it really does not cart around a lot. In addition, Sony is a full-length at a rate sufficient for a two-hour movie on a maximum battery life. It is too far away, not venturing from a power socket is enough to say.