Sony VAIO Z17 has a carbon fiber shell, which provides a light yet strong chassis. This ultraportable weighing just 1.5kg, and is extremely portable. However, there is no grip at the top and bottom sections along the way: to be safe, you should use, carrying mail, or to the machine has its own pocket for your travel bag.The Sony VAIO Z17 measures 31.4cm in width and depth of 21cm 2,45-3.3 cm high. This is a fairly large footprint (for ultraportable) is due display.This laptop screen is just a bowl us over. This 13.1in. unit with LED lights, and Sony in the X-image black-enhancing technology. Screen surface of the floor reflects, in which we find far preferable to a more-reflective screens on some other notebooks.Even more acceptable is the 1600-to-900-pixel native resolution. That picture 16:9 wide screen makes it not a problem at all to work with two windows open documents side by side.Ultraportables need to balance trade between portability and screen size. We believe that Sony has the right only he was this notebook.

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There are several Z-series models, including one with a 128GB solid state disk. Sony configuration service means that you can further customize some models, altering their size hard drive and other components, if you choose.2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 processor and a maximum 4 GB of RAM installed. The operating system is Windows Vista Business with Service Pack 1, but the box includes the installation CD-ROM Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 if you want to downgrade.The graphics subsystem is a dual mode case of a discrete Nvidia GeForce 9300M GS GPU with 256 MB dedicated video memory and integrated GMA 4500MHD module Intel GM45 Express chipset. The slider button on the keyboard area allows you to switch between "stamina" (integrated) and speed (digital) modes, depending on whether you want to save the battery or the maximum graphics performance respectively.As befits ultraportable, aimed at mobile professionals who are exemplary relationship Features . Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g and draft-N) and Bluetooth (2.0 + EDR) are present, as expected, along with Gigabit Ethernet and V.92 modem.Built in the ring, a 0.3-megapixel (640 -to-480-pixel) Webcam, which is suitable for video conferences. Unfortunately, this is a fixed camera position, rather than a more convenient swivel-mounted unit. Nevertheless, bundled ArcSoft WebCam accompanying software allows you to capture pictures and video, and includes a motion detection. Automatic adjustment of brightness is good, too.