Sony hopes to NR17G, laptop, desktop alternative, it is up to a certain degree of thickness 37.9 thin and is designed to replace the desktop and are only two millimeters (360 31.4 ~ 37.9 the X 269.1 mm , 2.8 kilometers) to the serious attention paid to the portability of long-term closure of the other dimensions. The most unusual and rather finish.While for midrange notebook PC is often very plain design, NR17G, smooth, smooth finish, most of the notebook PC, not a sport, the central bank to end the texture be wrapped.

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The NR17G is, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5450 with 1GB of memory and runs. This is to support 4GB of memory, can the bad news is 512M bytes of memory to pre-SO - DIMM for one of two people is more than 2GB, or jump to the full, you have an existing memory I want to come in the form of junk. 120 gigabyte hard drive, internal SATA drive. rewriter is, DVD is one of the, then, this is Sony's notebook and RW disc instead of two layers, of course, not in this price point, Blu-Ray and HD DVD support. Intel mobile graphics performance inbuilt X3100, 251 are processed using the internal memory megabytes. Display, 15.4 "WXGA (1280 * 800) of the TFT.