Sony has announced the VAIO W, the company's first proper 10-inch netbook, but it it's not calling it a netbook, it has coined a new term for it, 'internet book'. Obviously, we will still refer to it as a netbook, as that's just what it is.

Powered by Intel's Atom N280/945GSE combo, the VAIO W ships with 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive, but unlike most netbooks, it packs a 1,366768 screen. This is nice, but it's still nowhere near enough for us to stop calling it a netbook.

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Sony went for the typical VAIO keyboard, which Apple stole, and Sony stole back a couple of years ago. It looks great, especially in the black/silver colour option. This is probably what a Cupertino netbook would have looked like, had Jobs not decided against making a "$500 piece of junk".

The VAIO W weighs 1.19kg with a 3-cell battery, so we're probably looking at over 1.4kg with a 6-cell unit, which is a bit on the heavy side. It measures 267.8179.627.5 32.4mm and Sony will offer it in pink, white and black/silver colour options.

The bad news is that, for some reason, Sony thinks it can charge punters 450 for it, at least in Japan. This is a shedload of cash for your run of the mill netbook, and once more, it's starting to remind us of what a Cupertino netbook would have turned out like.