Sony's VAIO range of laptops have come to be known for their classy appearance and feel.This VGN-SZ58GN lives up to expectations and finds second place in our rankings. It is hard to find fault with this VAIO that sports an excellent display and a comfortable keyboard, high performance and elegant design as well. Armed with a very fast mobile CPU, the T7700 (200 MHz faster than what the Dell uses), a 2GB RAM and a Nvidia 8400M GS video chip (similar to the Dell), this laptop is the second best performer in this test. It produced a World- Bench score of 81 (the Dell managed 91) and 5120 in PC Mark 2005, nearly equal to the Dell.

Gaming performance was especially impressive. F.E.A.R. produced a very playable 61 fps. This business laptop can double up for indulging in one generation old games. The keyboard is by far the best of the lot-flat and large sized keys offer tactile feedback, making fast typing possible without too much strain. The arrow and navigation keys are as large as the other keys and are laid out for easy access. This keypad can even alleviate the need for an external keyboard. Well done, Sony.

The display panel is very sleek and in an apparent effort to keep weight low, Sony has sacrificed on a solid feel. Like many other laptops, this one too bends very easily under moderate pressure. Battery backup was a reasonable 183 minutes of Mobile Mark 2005. At Rs. 1,24,900, the VAIO certainly charges a premium. Since we did not have a price barrier in this comparison, the VAIO still takes second place owing to its performance, design and ergonomics. At this price point, you can also get a more compact laptop like the TZ series from Sony or the LG XNOTE C1. But don't give you the sheer performance that the VGN-SZ58N has.

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