Sony does adjoin several colors with the Sony Vaio E Series of laptops. Currently, it added splashes in some colorful keyboard skins, exposes Sony Insider.

Supposedly, these skins are constructed of durable silicone rubber, allowing a fine fit and durability. The Vaio E Series sports in different colors for instance Gunmetal Black, Coconut White, Lava Black, Hibiscus Pink, Iridescent Blue and Caribbean Green.

Balancing these shades, Sony creates obtainable skin in green, blue, purple, black and pink colors. Besides, the skin is said to be soft sufficient to ensure relaxed typing. Some of the featured of the E series contain 15.5-inch LCD, able to 8GB of RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 (512MB VRAM), HDMI and Bluetooth.

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