Orange will offer new packages Triple Play and Quadruple Play Zen and baptized Livebox Livebox Star, either via ADSL or optical fiber.

The purpose of the FAI is to simplify its range of Internet packages by offering meaningful solutions for both a connection via ADSL and fiber optics, and at identical rates.*But as always, it will be necessary to add 3 euros per month for rental of the Livebox.

The new*Zen Livebox*package aimed at bringing together as many Internet access for up to 20 mega ADSL and up to 100 mega with the fiber, up to 130 TV channels with access to VOD (Video Demand) and unlimited calls to landlines in over 100 destinations.

For a one-year commitment, the package will return to Zen Livebox*33.90 euros*per month unbundled cons*28.90 euros*per month for those who perform in parallel with a telephone subscription with France Telecom.

The formula uses the*Star Livebox*Livebox Zen elements but adds several options such as unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France - with a corresponding limit of 500 per month, a TV recorder 80 GB can store up to 40 hours of video coupling with the casing of the Livebox TV and unlimited access to 50 movies a month via VOD that we can look without spending a penny more.*Half the catalog will be renewed each month and some titles having already achieved success with the public are advertised as "The Meerkats", "Spiderman" or "Da Vinci Code."