Googleseems to be changing his tune as soon accept an entry using apseudonym on his Google + social network. In addition, this servicewill soon be available to professionals.

Until now, Google only allowed oneentry with a real identity in order to limit spam and trolls andpromote a safer atmosphere, an idea championed by Eric Schmidt.

Vic Gundotra Or just announced at theWeb 2.0 Summit in San Francisco that a user can now use a pseudonymto register for the Google +.

In addition, he said that users with aGoogle Apps account, then online for businesses, could in the comingdays to connect to Google + with their account. For now, it is notknown however whether new services will be offered to corporations.

Google knows it has much to deal withFacebook sets longer than him and with 20 times more users. However,the firm Mountainview wishes to adopt a different approach,particularly with regard to information sharing and viewing ofprivate data, which could enable them to earn over time in order tocompete with Facebook followers.