Asus launches its N73SV in the hexagon-TY615V, a 17.3 inch laptop that appears on Intel platform Huron River with Nvidia next generation technology combined with Optimus, a good storage space , a good amount of RAM and a Quad Core processor Sandy Bridge.

It has indeed a good amount of RAM and 6 GB Sandy Bridge processor Core i7-2670QM to speed up treatments in areas such as video editing, 3D rendering and photo editing by compared to a duo and 4 GB DDR3 Dual Core processor. Of course, Sandy Bridge and embedded RAM issue as the overall performance can satisfy a large majority of users, including multitasking.

The game is also possible with this model thanks to the dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 540M, which can engage in a lot of titles as long as you adjust the levels of detail and / or definition of the screen under the opus the most resource intensive 3D. In general, the higher the definition, the higher the number of fps drop in a given game and for the same configuration. By reducing the display space, so it is possible to play a larger number of shares properly.

Nvidia Optimus technology is to the game, the laptop works, however, by default the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into Sandy Bridge processor that consumes less energy and thus promotes greater autonomy. Optimus evaluate real-time graphics needs for the tasks performed by the user and asks if necessary Geforce GT 540M to switch back to the Intel GMA 3000 HD as soon as possible, some graphics as well as the ability to read without dedicated GPU concern for HD video.