Red Hat yesterday released the finalversion of its Linux distribution Fedora 16 codenamed Verne, in honorof Jules Verne, the famous French writer of science fiction. Based onthe core (kernel) Linux 3.1.0, Fedora 16 provides default desktopenvironment Gnome 3.2 but it is possible to opt for its competitorKDE 4.7 according to taste.

Firefox Thunderbird 7 and 7 are alsointegrated and Blender is now in version 2.59. Grub 2 it becomes thenew default boot for x86. Fedora 16, the focus is on the cloud withthe presence of the interface Aeolus Conductor, Condor Cloudinfrastructure, file system based on glusterfs HekaFS, the collectionof API Matahari based on QMF or support for OpenStack.

For developers, Perl 5.14 is the partyand the scripts for GCC are supported in Python 2 and 3 as well asthe D language in version 2. The sub-layer of abstraction for HALdevice disappears and side virtualization, Xen is supported nativelyby the Linux kernel while Spice now in version 0.10.