Nvidia is expected to officially launch on December 6 its new seriesof mobile graphics cards GeForce 600M. the GeForce 600M welcome intheir midst models Geforce 610M, GeForce GT 630M and GeForce GT 635M.However, it will not be a priori real new models but to rebadge GPU,with some differences with those of the GeForce 500M series currentlyon the market.

Unclear whether these new discretegraphics architecture will benefit from Kepler as the first model ofits kind is normally expected in 2012 with the GK107 but also belongto the series Geforce 600M which will add to the confusion. Still,the GeForce 610M will be positioned at the entry level to succeed theGeForce GT 520M.It could be based on the GF119 and integrate 48 coreswith a 64-bit memory.

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The GeForce GT 630M and GT 635M willthey, usually based on variants of the GeForce GT 555m and adopt thechip GF106 with 144 Stream Processors and a 128-bit memory for thefirst time than the GeForce GT 635M will be high, probably 192 bits.

Of course, the range of mobile Geforce600M graphics cards incorporate other references with differentvariations for some models which probably will not help in choosing alaptop. If Nvidia expected to launch Geforce 600M officially onDecember 6, however, there is little chance that these "new"GPUs are embedded in laptops in time for the holiday season.