In 2012, Ultrabooks should know some changes with new chassis, butalso a Thunderbolt connector, docking stations and a full HD.

In fact, it could only be arecommendation to the brands, they are essential to Intel offer awide dock connector associated with a mini-DisplayPort positioned toone side of the other to easily connect a docking station that isdirectly contiguous to the PC or connected to the Ultrabook by acable. Connect the dock to the PC via the USB 3.0 does not seem inany case not be an option that finds favor with Intel.

As for the dock itself, Intel does notseem that either provide specifications too restrictive, suggesting,for example, offer HDMI, VGA, USB or e-SATA in clear anything thatcan take a PCI-Express connectors.

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For his part, understands DigitimesAcer and Asus, the two major market players Ultrabooks, workindependently of each other with the manufacturers AU Optronics andChimei Innolux to develop a new generation of Full HD 1920 1080aimed at Ultrabooks.

In fact, these brands want toanticipate the launch of the Iphone 3 which will have a Retinadisplay with an important definition of 2048 1536 which shouldpush the industry players to respond with the launch of a morenotebooks with higher resolution standards, the 1366 768 is themost common.
It is also adopted by most brands fortheir Ultrabooks except Asus for its 13.3-inch UX31 which benefitsfrom a display area of 1600 900.

According to other sources ofDigitimes, vendors Ultrabooks should also turn to other types ofdesign for the chassis of their models. The production of aluminumunibody chassis is more expensive than other alternatives and meetthe concerns of limited capacity, too small to keep up with demand.The leading manufacturer of chassis unibody Catcher Technology givesindeed priority to Apple.