Codenamed Tunny, the new Opera 11.60 isnow available for download in final form.

Opera 11.60 has the new renderingengine Opera Presto 2.10.229 but also a new interpreter RagnarokHTML5 rendering engine and JavaScript Carakan updated and providesimprovements in memory management for complex Web applications. Inpractice, the support for HTML5 is improved (now support attributespreload, buffered, seekable and muted tags for audio and video) aswell as that of CSS3 (radial gradients in particular), and SVG CSS4.

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Also on the program full support toECMAScript 5.1, of XMLHttp Request Level 2 and the new GoogleGeolocation API, JSON.

Opera also reports on a new interfacefor Opera Mail, now with the default display in three parts with alist on the left and the right messages, automatic grouping ofe-mails date with ability to sort by status as non- read or pinned.

Improvements are also present at theaddress bar that offers new ideas for research, the emergence of astar to quickly put a page in Favorites. Many bugs have been fixed aswell as some security holes.