The Mozilla Foundation and Google havenot renewed their agreements while the contract between them expiredat the end of November.

Mozilla can either renew the contractwith Google, or find another partner. The fact is that the foundationrelies heavily on

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the firm MountainView which accounts for 84% ofrevenues generated by Mozilla in 2010 mainly because of the agreementwhich aims to make Google the default search engine of the Firefoxbrowser.

The latest news, Mozilla is still undernegotiation with Google Chrome browser which assumes second placeaccording to some of the most popular browsers. Even so, Google wouldstill intends to provide financial support to Mozilla.

If no agreement is reached, Mozillacould turn to Bing. He also recently made ​​available a specialversion of Firefox including the Microsoft search engine by default.A partnership with Mozilla pushed allow the Redmond giant to increaseawareness of Bing if he were to be offered as the default searchengine in Firefox.