As we have seen, the launch of the betaof Windows 8 also marks the Store of Windows that Microsoft unveils.Any user on Windows 8 Beta will have free access to Windows Storeprovided he is equipped with a live account. Initially, only freeapplications will be proposed to test validation procedures, downloadand installation.

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Store for its Windows, Microsoft put onthe simplicity and efficiency by as much as possible in valueapplications. Each card comes in two parts. On the left pane to knowone another between the rating of the application by users, theprice, if any, the age as well as buttons to try or buy theapplication (if not free) . On the right a large screenshot of theapplication is presented with a description. It is also possible toobtain more information and read reviews via the links at the top.

As for the beta of Windows 8, WindowsStore will evolve in response to user feedback and any bugsencountered. In all, more than 100 languages are planned and inlanguages, developers can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C #, C + +,XAML, with support for x86/x64 architectures and ARM.

Microsoft also communicates thefinancial aspect of the Windows Store. To open an account to uploadone or more applications, it will cost 49 dollars for a singledeveloper and 99 dollars for a company. 70% of revenues from the saleof applications will be submitted to the developer, the remaining 30%for Microsoft. These rates may even go to 80% and 20% forapplications that generate more than 25 000 dollars, a rate that willbe maintained as long as the application will be available on theWindows Store.