The Windows Store is a component ofWindows 8, Microsoft reserves the right to remove the remote user'scomputer applications downloaded from the online store. Microsoftunveiled its Windows there is little Store, an online applicationstore to the image of the Apple App Store that will be directlyintegrated into Windows 8 right from its beta version planned for theend of February 2012.

You learn to read the conditions of useof Windows Store on the Microsoft site that the Redmond company is anintegrated solution with kill-switch to disable or remove anapplication remotely on the user's machine (computer, tablet, etc..)

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In other words, Microsoft reserves theright at any time to modify or delete a remote application that theuser has downloaded the Windows Store and installed on his computer.It may still depending on the circumstances refund the price of theapplication if it was purchased. And that's not all as it also showsthe opportunity and the right to remove any information or documentsrelated to these applications. Microsoft recommends therefore to makeregular backups.

The kill-switch is a solution already used in Windows Phone 7operating system for mobile phone from Microsoft, but it's the firsttime that the Redmond giant operated for computers or tablets. GoogleAndroid and Apple iOS also reserve the right to use the kill-switch.Still, only Google has so far tried to get rid of malware. Finally,the kill-switch has so far been little used.