Microsoft returns to the protection ofdigital identity in its new operating system Windows 8 includingsimplifying management and securing passwords.

Dustin Ingalls, Group Program Managerof the team and Identity Security Windows 8 emphasizes that the useof usernames and passwords is the most widely used to access anaccount whatsoever. Ideally, the user should use an identifierassociated with a unique password for each account that has anaverage 25 according to figures from Microsoft, and this complex withalphanumeric characters (special characters, capital letters,lowercase letters, numbers).

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In practice, however, when a user hasabout 25 accounts, only 6 different passwords. In addition, they tendto use simple passwords and non-complex in order to better rememberthem. The result of accounts that are not more secure. Once a hackerhas managed to get hold of one of them, it can access multipleaccounts but also change the password of accounts.

Windows 8 course integrates varioussecurity technologies to guard against all kinds of attacks andmalicious software. An essential element to ensure the management ofvarious identifications. For its new operating system in 2012,Microsoft has opted to support the management of couples username /password but also the identification of alternative technologies.