Over a few days ago my friend comes to me and asks me to fix a problem with his Nokia 5230 mobile phone.The problem is very strange if he want to open the massage or send SMS from his mobile phone even restarted. It if for a moment and when to say, he asks me if I can fix it, before moving to the Nokia Care Center. I thought it better to go only to NCC and repair it for free because the phone still Nokia warranty, but my friend that I look at that I may fix this problem without going to NCC.

So I try, the problem with Nokia code for soft reset * # 7780 # and it works fast!, Work the problem away and my friend the phone back to normal and fine. For you are not familiar with Nokia code, let me tell you that it can 2 Nokia code, to reset your Nokia smart phone, code for soft reset and hard reset may be used. These 2 Nokia code only works with Nokia phones and Nokia cell phone, Symbian OS.

Nokia code for soft reset

The code is * # 7780 #, just type that is in standby mode and your Nokia Smartphone soft reset. Soft reset is the same to restore all the phone settings back to factory default setting / without deleting files in the process. is useful if you configure your phone settings wrong and the phone will not work properly after work, as what I mentioned above about my girlfriend Nokia 5230 problem.

Nokia code hard reset

The code is * # 7370 #, the same procedure as soft reset, but with some warning before you use this code. This code is for hard reset completely erases all my files and settings you have made. All those in your phone memory are cleared and clean by hard reset, you must be very careful to do so. Back up all important data stored in your phone, data such as contacts, SMS, notes, etc. Make sure that your cell phone battery fully charged before the said Code. This code is only for advanced mobile phone users that already have some knowledge of how text works, I suggest that you contact the Nokia Care Center if you have no idea of this code.